ColorCore products by Remco
ColorCore products by Remco
ColorCore products by Remco


ColorCore is a general-purpose, value-oriented line of color-coded cleaning tools available from Remco. The ColorCore range provides users with a balance of cost, durability, and effectiveness that is well-suited for use in restaurants, hotels, commercial and government buildings, and light industrial facilities.

ColorCore Features:

ColorCore tools are sufficient for many cleaning applications, but they are not intended to replace Vikan’s hygiene line in hygiene critical applications like food manufacturing. See the comparison chart below. Always conduct a thorough risk assessment before introducing new sanitation tools or plans.

Vikan Hygiene
Total-Color ConstructionEasier visual identification
EU/FDA Compliant MaterialsSafe for food contact when used within stated limits
Euro ThreadingCreates a more secure connection between handles and tool heads versus acme threading
Lower Upfront CostValue-oriented tools lower the barrier of entry into a color-coding system
Lower Long-Term CostHigher-quality materials and rugged designs help tools last longer, reducing cost
Commercial GradeBest for lighter use in smaller areas like restaurants, hotels, commercial, and light industrial facilities
Industrial GradeBest for intensive cleaning in food and other hygiene-critical manufacturing facilities
Declarations of Compliance for the Entire LineOne compliance document applies to all tools
Declarations of Compliance for Individual ToolsSpecific individual documents are available for each tool that is intended for food contact
Hygienic DesignSmooth surfaces and curved internal angles make tools easier to clean and reduce harborage points for allergens and microorganisms
Ergonomic DesignReduces fatigue and the potential for workplace injury
Fit for PurposeDesigned specifically for industrial food manufacturing
Full-LineHundreds of specialized cleaning and material handling tools
Up to 12 Colors AvailableMaximum flexibility when building complex color-coding plans